Studio face to face classes have now resumed. There is limited availability so please refer to our timetable to see available places.

Woman Practising Pilates

Online Private Pilates


with private Pilates classes via Zoom. These 45 minute sessions are an opportunity to work on your individualised goals. Using bodyweight exercises or any other equipment you have around the home, I will be be there to motivate you, provide varied workouts and guide you via video. If you have a reformer at home, I can teach you on that.

Also ask about other members in your household joining your session.

Please email me with your preferred time and day for these classes and I will advise you if it's available.

* Please ensure you complete the online waiver prior to your first class with us. 


     Team Pilates 

30-60 Minute classes are available at a time to suit you and your team. 

A one off or a regular commitment, you choose what works for your business.

What you get?

  • A highly qualified local Pilates instructor who's experienced in working in corporate environments and in schools.

  • Ability to adapt movements for various groups and/or participants.

  • A varied class each time so that no one gets bored and movements that have just the right sprinkling of of strength, mobility and mindfulness.

  • Sometimes bad jokes, but my Pilates is much better! 


Email to enquire:


*Please note that these classes are not suitable for Pre natal or rehabilitation.

Reformer Workout

2:1 Studio Pilates

This class is DESIGNED AND CRAFTED FOR YOU. Whether that's a pain free body, improving strength, tone and fitness or maintaining a pain and injury free body. It's a 50 minute 2:1 class with an experienced instructor, where you work on a program specifically designed for YOU. We use a combination of the Reformer, Wunda Chair, small equipment and variety of movements in each session


Suitable for all levels and needs, including pre natal.

*Please note that these classes are not clinical or suitable for rehabilitation.


Initial Assessment - Available on request



A 1 hour 1:1 session where we discuss your goals and can look at posture, muscle imbalances and self massage techniques with a foam roller.

A perfect place to start for those who haven't exercised in a while and want to discuss their goals and requirements in a 1:1 setting.


Cost: $60 for 1 x 1:1 Initial Assessment.



Email to enquire:


*Please note that these classes are not clinical or suitable for rehabilitation.


2:1 Pilates for over 60's

An INTELLIGENT WAY TO EXERCISE FOR THOSE OVER 60. Improve your general strength. Pick up the grand kids with ease or improve strength endurance to make gardening as easy as it can be. We can work on improving posture, balance, co-ordination and flexibility or just work on improving your golf swing. As Pilates is weight bearing, it's a great way to strengthen bones as well as muscles. These 50 minute classes are 2:1 and use a combination of the Reformer, Wunda chair and small equipment.

*Please note that these classes are not suitable for rehabilitation.

Casual Class $35

Casual Class $40

5 Pack          $175

5 Pack          $160

Casual Class $30

5 Pack          $125