Being kind to yourself

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Friday 13th November 2020 is World Kindness Day and I think as well as it's important to be kind to others, we must also learn be kind to ourselves.

I know as a mum I have often prioritised everyone else over myself because it's just the kind of person I am and I also want to be the best mum that I can. Learning to say no has been really hard but probably the best thing I have done in a quest to be kind to myself and invest in myself and self care. Self care is not selfish and it enables me to give myself what I need at that particular moment in time, which benefits me and those around me greatly.

I think that being your best self, or the best mum, or the best at what you do, includes a degree of being kind to yourself. Recognising what you need and honouring that. This not only includes prioritising self care, but also being gentle to ourselves when we need to take some days at a slower pace or when our house is a mess and the things on the to do list didn't get done. I see my time as being very valuable and I also believe in listening to what my body and mind needs.

I often hear people say they feel guilty because they couldn't attend a fitness class or fit it in that week. But although I think it's great to plan your self care so that it doesn't get left behind and that consistency is really important. This shouldn't mean that we feel guilty when life gets in the way and sometimes we can't get things done.

This is also what I love about Pilates because I encourage people to listen to their bodies on a given day and we work on a movement program and at a pace that suits them on that day. I refer to this as intelligent exercise as we are giving the body and the mind just what they need and for me this is why I keep coming back to my Pilates practice as it makes my body and mind feel so good.

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