Even a little movement is ok

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

I'm feeling pretty exhausted at the moment. Trying to be super mum and juggling the feelings of everyone in the household, alongside working, trying to keep up with home duties and home schooling, mix this in with worries about uncertainty and concerns about family members you can't see for the foreseeable future, it leaves little or no energy for exercise.

This is where even a little movement is ok, you don't need to commit to a workout and following how you feel is crucial and a bit of a game changer. In fact if you're feeling pretty stressed, it may be beneficial to slow your movement down, move slowly and mindfully to decrease cortisol levels.

If I am tired and deflated I may lean more towards a gentle movement, breathing techniques, self myofasical release of tense muscles and a stretch series, which in 10 minutes can have me feeling like a whole new person. Whereas, if I have a bit of energy or frustration to burn then a jog or run may be on the cards. For mindfulness, I ditch the phone, take a walk in nature and absorb my surroundings. I don't feel guilty if I can't manage to fit movement in, but I feel so much better if I can. My Movement and Pilates classes meet you where you are at on any given day, so you can feel your best.

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