Mindful Movement Matters

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

It's been a challenging start to the Year for many of us. I'm someone who thrives on routine, so with that being thrown out of the window I have had to re-evaluate at lot of things and deal with many ups and downs along the way. It's been one emotional rollercoaster. Eventually, it was actually great to slow it right down and refocus on what's important to me.

I've read many articles lately related to starting to exercise again after not attending the gym or participating in sports for a while. My view on this is always that health and wellbeing is a journey and it's about how you feel, there is no requirement to rush back to where you left off. I learnt this lesson after my first pregnancy, but that's another story. Starting slow and steady to gradually build to where you were will benefit you in the long run and reduce any risk of injury.

The benefits of this way of thinking about exercise and movement as a journey are:

  • You intuitively listen to you body

  • The movement and exercise you do is for you and how you feel

  • It also becomes a mindful exercise where you are totally present in the moment

  • You can add movement in daily, even just a little bit

  • You build slowly and restart a regular routine

Enjoy your journey back to movement and if you are unsure or something doesn't feel right then as always seek advise from a qualified health professional.

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