Mindfullness and movement

For someone like me, always on the go, scientifically minded and striving for perfection, mindfulness was always going to be a struggle. Like many, I didn't realise that I was always rushing around, not pausing or taking time for myself. Nothing I tried seemed to have much of a lasting effect, was enjoyable or sustainable, then came Pilates. Thinking back to my childhood, movement had been such a large part of my life and being introduced to Pilates enabled me to reconnect my mind to my body. This had a profound effect on my life, causing me to begin listening to my body and subsequently my mind. Now when my sympathetic nervous system takes over, I make time to pause, breathe, move and just be. It's such a powerful skill and I am so happy that wellness and mindfulness programs are now being introduced into schools and workplaces for all of us to reap the benefits from. If you are in the Frankston area and interested in Pilates sessions in your school or workplace, please get in touch.


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