Smash goals with weekly planning

Late Sunday afternoons for me are about planning for the week ahead. I've found that if I don't plan, then the week ahead is soon chaotic and I'm never as productive as I could be. I did try meal prepping for the whole week at one point, but to be honest it just wasn't for me. Instead, I schedule in my work appointments as they can be ad-hoc, any other essential appointments, exercise sessions/wellbeing, cleaning, food shopping, each evening meal and any other things I need to do during the week. As a busy working mum, I try to be as economical with time as possible for example; if I have time in-between appointments that may be a great time to exercise, clean a little or meal prep for that evening. I've learnt to be flexible with my schedule, so there's a little wriggle room, as some days something pops up or I'm just really tired so I use that time to relax a little or meditate. By having my work, health, social and life admin consistently planned for the week it creates a flow. If I have been over ambitious I roll it over to the next day or week. I think if I didn't schedule in my exercise/wellbeing then I probably would not invest as much in myself, then I wouldn't be as useful to others and those that I love.

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