Why I don't make a New Years Resolution

There seems to be a lot of pressure about seeing out the old and welcoming in the new each Year and while this can be great for some of us, I've found it demotivating for me when looking at health, wellbeing and fitness, as its been a journey for me and it can be a long one, that's often not been linear. When it comes to health, wellbeing and fitness, I feel that this can be started at any time of the Year, by making small, yet sustainable changes to your lifestyle. I see it as a lifestyle change and a journey of learning and I've often found that it's more of a success when you are truly ready to take yourself out of your comfort zone and make consistent changes. So I found that waiting for that time and then making the changes has been more successful for me. It has also helped me to have some support and this has been in many forms.

We're all uniquely amazing and if you have some new goals for the New Year, then that's awesome and if you haven't then that's awesome too.

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