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 What I offer.

I make movement fun and easy, teaching you about which muscles perform which functions. When Movement & Pilates is performed regularly you develop an awareness of your movement patterns and therefore you can correct them. The benefits of this can include:

  • Confidence in body movement/exercise

  • Correction of muscular imbalances

  • Increased flexibility

  • Strengthened Core

  • Strengthened Gluteal muscles

  • Lengthening of hamstrings 

  • Improvement in overall strength and endurance

  • Postural corrections

  • Toning of legs, arms, back and stomach

  • Learning how to relax or reduce tension

  • An improvement in balance and co-ordination

  • Understanding how your body moves

  • Improved posture, strength and wellbeing during and after pregnancy

  • A General feeling of wellbeing

  • Improvement in your musculo-skeletal health for the future











I've had a love for movement, gymnastics and multiple sports from a young age and with that came a variety of injuries. I suffered from Chronic Lower Back pain for over a decade until I was introduced to Pilates and fell in love with how it made my body feel, it's efficiency and the connection of the body and mind. I believe that Movement is for everybody as it offers so many benefits. My aim is to Educate you about how your body likes to move and the muscles that work to do this. 


My studio is located in Frankston South and online. It's a small studio with a big heart and my classes are Private 1:1 or Semi Private 2:1. 


I have many Years of experience teaching Pilates and I also have experience working in a variety of settings such as Pilates Studios, Gyms, Corporate exercise, as well as working alongside Osteopaths and massage therapists. If necessary, I can liaise with your preferred Allied Health Professional to ensure that we are aligned in meeting your specific goals and requirements. 


I'm dedicated to ensuring that each person is individually coached, as that is where the magic lies.​ My teaching style combines The Pilates Method, along with biomechanics, functional movement, self myofascial release and mobility techniques crafted to meet your individual needs.


I am passionate about taking time to listen to and work with each of YOU


Some of my qualifications include;

  • Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance (Physiotherapy),

  • Certificate IV in Pilates

  • Certificate IV in Fitness

  • STOTT Pilates Mat Levels 1 & 2

  • Pilates Pre & Post Natal Certificates

  • APPI Therapeutic Yoga Level One

  • Pilates for Active Ageing

  • SISFFIT012 Instruct Movement to children aged 5 to 12 Years

  • SISFFIT013 Instruct exercise to young people aged 13 to 17 Years

My Story

"Change happens through movement and movement heals" Joseph Pilates